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Web application developmentoptimum solutions to unique tasks

Testing your ideas
Provide turn-key solutions

Testing your ideas
Provide turn-key solutions

  • We research your idea
  • Decompose the project to features
  • Evaluate development time
  • Determine priority and order of the parts implementation
  • First developing only the features that are vital for project launch

Simple and convenient user interface

If an application interface requires writing of large instructions, it is designed not well enough. A new visitor should intuitively understand the everything according on own user's experience.

Attention to security and fault tolerance

  • Choosing a hosting and corresponding deployment method for the web application.
  • Readiness to scale for the case of rapid increase in visitors.
  • Dual supervision before the written code acception to production.
  • Automated tests for security validations and compliance with business requirements.
  • Virus protection through a Web Application Firewall add-on.

Our development environment
Ruby on Rails

Our development environment
Ruby on Rails

Many of large online services are written in Ruby language using various frameworks, a Rails for example.

Modern high-loaded scalable services have ceased to be monolithic and have moved on to the separate life of the client and server parts (frontend and backend). In turn, each separate block of the application's server part can be written in different languages, depending on the tasks it performs.

At the beginning of your project, it is not necessary to use all the advanced technologies of top online-services, as this will increase the time and cost of development. However, by creating a clear structured code and laying the foundation for future growth, we are release web-applications that will be convenient to develop and scale for any team of web developers with sufficient experience.

We like projects that improve and make easier many people lives

Let's do a big useful thing together!