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Intranet enterprise site
increase in-company collaboration efficiency

Information Search
Internal Communications
Process Automation
Employees Instructions
Knowledge Tests
Events Photo Gallery
Celebrate Dates
Transparent Environment

Build a knowledge base

Document templates, instructions to employees, training courses, requests, decrees.

Integration with external services and web-site

Connect of various business process management systems to a single entry point and reporting.

News and Blogs

News, event calendars and staff surveys will help everyone to be part of a cohesive team.

Corporate social networking site

Social networks have become an integral part of many people's lives. Employees often communicate with each other through public social networks, discussing colleagues, sharing business information and sending each other customer contacts.

Virtual office for employees

At any time from anywhere in the world, your employees will be able to access a single familiar working space and all the information necessary to fulfill their duties.

How to facilitate the integration of intranet site?

Often employees do not want to learn new tools and are extremely skeptical about the need to test the platform being implemented, especially if it is a large enterprise portal with many functions.

Often it turns out that in a order, application testing takes place in employee's spare time and hardly. As a result, after a while there are discrepancies with the actual flow of some components of business processes that weren't fixed on paper. Eliminating such a distinction requires much more effort and may affect to related processes.

It should be remembered that employees are people and like everyone else, they wants acclaim.

Therefore, we believe that social orientation should be taken as a basis, and first of all it is necessary to create opportunities for employees to tell their colleagues about their hobbies, show their expertise, express their opinion on a number of issues and encourage employees in the hall of fame on new enterprise portal.

And so, gradually, along with all such external attributes, the portal will be filled with much more important components for the growth of your business.

Let's do such an interesting project together!